Relieve your Pain Without Pills

Pain is a universal experience. Everyone, at some point, has dealt with pain.

Because pain is so familiar to us, so too are the methods used to deal with it. At first we try to ignore it, but when that fails, we try to address it using methods that have been used since childhood. We ice, elevate, compress, and when all else fails we turn to our medicine cabinet. Over the counter pain pills are a staple in there, and perhaps, if we are dealing with a chronic pain issue, such as sciatic, so are prescription medications.

Because pain is so common, we seldom seek out new methods of dealing with the discomfort until all our tried and true methods have been used without success. That is unfortunate. Science has continued their search to improve our lives by looking into newer ways to deal with pain. It seems like every time a new feature is available for our phones, we are willing to do almost anything to have these new applications. However, when dealing with our pain, we mindlessly turn to the same methods we have used for years without considering if there may be a better solution.

What if, you could apply a pain patch (much like a temporary tattoo) and without adsorbing any chemicals, the pain patch could “turn off” the pain message? Did you know that this technology is already here and available for use? Consider the example of sciatic mentioned earlier in this article. Perhaps you slept wrong, or lifted something you should not have, but there is still that familiar pain. The treatment is to do the stretching exercises, but the pain is too fierce to allow that. So you turn to your prescribed pain reliever. Once the medication is in your system, your pain is tolerable, but the desire and safety of exercising is diminished due to the side effects of drowsiness, diminished strength and coordination. The pain patch, on the other hand, does not work through the adsorption of chemicals, but rather through the adsorption of frequencies given off by the patch. That means no potential for side effects or risk of allergic reactions. This patch is one of several services we offer to help you deal with your pain. The patch is great, not only for back pain, but any type of pain almost anywhere. Schedule your free consultation at Skinfully Smooth (219) 464-9376, and start relieving your pain today!

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