Begin Your Skin Care Routine with a Professional Facial

Many people believe that a facial is a treat for the elite few. However, outside of the United States, most countries view a facial as a regular part of healthy living. A facial provided by a professional is an opportunity to assess one’s skin condition and make recommendations to improve the quality and function of the skin. It can also spot any potential problems during the early stages when treatment is often more effective, and less invasive.

A facial involves four steps, each one equally important to the overall outcome. The first step is a cleanse which removes superficial dirt, oil, and makeup so that the following steps will produce the best results. The next step is exfoliation by removing loose dead skin cells that can leave skin less effective in product absorption, and dull looking. The treatment addresses any skin issues such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, or environmental damage. This step is personalized for each individual, and may treat all or only one or two of skin conditions. The last step is protection against sun damage and moisture loss and is critical after exfoliation.

There are many types of facials, and most serious skin care professionals have developed facials for everyone including women, men and teens. Some facials are for special occasions leaving skin glowing; however, over use of this facial can leave skin angry and raw. A special occasion facial should be only part of a healthy skin care protocol, and results are best if one is receiving regular skin care from a professional.

People often wonder how often they should receive a facial, and answers vary. A minimum of four times a year is necessary, with each season change, so that adjustments may be made to at home skin care programs. If one is looking to correct a problem, a series of treatments may be required for a certain period of time. To maintain skin at its healthiest, twice a month is ideal, while once a month will still give most of the desired results.

The do-it-yourself trend has affected the skin care market as well. Home products and treatment devices, are not well regulated, and companies selling the products have no interest in assessing if their product is the best for each individual. Improper or overuse of products may lead to less than desirable results. If the treatment is safe enough to be overused, how can it be effective enough to achieve the best outcome?

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