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Stubborn Problem Areas? Body Contouring May Be the Answer.

The struggle with body image is both, intensely personal and universal. Feelings of embarrassment or shame may arise while discussing personal flaws, but almost everyone may comiserate the frustration felt when dieting and exercise fail to produce the desire outcome. Despite the best of efforts, even significant loss of weight and increased tone and stamina, there are areas that seem resistant to body transformation plans. There is a solution: Body contouring. Unlike weight loss and exercise, body contouring targets areas of fat unchanged by hardwork and discipline.

There are several types of body contouring devices available, they all work to kill fat cells in a localized area. Fat cells may be killed with heat, freezing or shaking the cells, breaking them apart. Regardless of how the cells are destroyed, the broken fat cells, and their contents are consumed by the body’s macrophages where they are broken down by the liver and excreted in the urine.

While results may be seen as early as the first treatment, several treatments are usually needed to achieve the desired effect. This is because the device works by killing the fat cells that are under the skin. Because there are usually several layers, each layer requires its own treatment. This allows for a smooth transition from old to new body shape without lumps, bumps or downtime that other modalities may cause.

The devices that use heat or cold may be uncomfortable, however, the machine that shakes cells apart is quite comfortable. The machine comes with a tried and true history of success as it is the best selling body contouring device in Europe. You do not need to travel to Europe to experience the treatment. This technology is available at Skinfully Smooth spa in Valparaiso.

Besides killing localized fat cells, we also have the capability of tightening the skin, using the most effective modality available. This combined therapy approach can greatly enhance the outcome of your treatment. While the results are impressive, it is important to remember that this treatment protocol was developed to enhance diet and exercise, not replace it.

Here at Skinfully Smooth, we give you free consultations in order to help you best understand the planned treatment and have realistic expectations about your results. Call us at (219) 464-9376 to schedule your appointment today. Special packages are available now to help you achieve the best possible results!

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