Microneedling: What’s the Point?

If you are searching for the answer to achieve the best results for your skincare dollar and time, one of the best procedures to consider is microneedling. Because the variety of problems it addresses and offers results unparalleled by other treatments, microneedling has overtaken microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

What makes microneedling so special? It addresses issues in both the epidermis (dead skin cell layer) and the dermis (living skin cell layer).  Unlike microdermabrasion and chemical peels which thin out the epidermis by removing the top layers, microneedling pokes tiny holes leaving more of the dead skin cell layers intact. The epidermis remains largely able to perform its job, to prevent moisture loss and provide UV protection. 

The purpose of all those tiny holes are two-fold. First, the holes allow for deeper penetration of repairative products.  Second, as the holes heal, the skin tightens, decreasing the overall laxity of the skin. 

Microneedling (at least medical level) affects the dermis as well as the epidermis allowing the procedure to address pigmentation, redness and small vessels, and scar tissue.  Cosmetic and medical microneedling both stimulate collagen production.  In the state of Indiana, the cosmetology board does not allow for deep (greater than 0.8mm) microneedling, anything deeper is considered a medical procedure. Medical microneedling, for us also, involves the use of radiofrequency which increases the skin tightening effects, decreases inflammation and promotes healing. 

Much of microneedling’s success is due to the skill of the operator.  The use of a pen-like professional device over the roller style models produces smaller holes, less pain, less risk of scarring, and more uniform and consistent treatments.  Pen-like devices use a new sterile cartridge of needles for each client. According to the FDA, there is no acceptable method of cleaning the roller type devices for reuse on either the same client or a different one.

Rarely can all of one’s skin issues be resolved by a single treatment.  Usually a series of treatments are necessary to achieve the desired results.  The treatments are usually spaced out over several weeks to allow time for healing and regeneration of the epidermis layer.  The procedure results are not cosmetic, which only temporarily changes the appearance of wrinkles, pigment, vessels, redness and scars; but actual structural changes, result in improvements to the skin.  While the results are permanent, continued exposure to the damaging effects present in our environment means that maintenance treatments are needed to retain these improvements.

Microneedling is just one example of many treatments available to improve one’s skin.  Proper homecare can be just as important to achieve maximum benefits.  Monthly facials are an excellent way to keep skin in good condition as this affords the opportunity for early detection and resolution of skin issues before they become a bigger problem that requires more aggressive intervention to resolve. Come in and see us at Skinfully Smooth where a collaborative approach combines the best of both esthetics and medical procedures to help you look your best!   

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