Banish Cellulite, Remove Fat Cells with Body Sculpting

January begins resolutions and lifestyle changes. Perhaps you have stayed with a diet and exercise program in hope of shaping your body into a healthier version of yourself. Do you continue to struggle with bulges or cellulite? Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone may not be enough. These stubborn problems are more difficult to treat with only diet and exercise. Effective treatments are available to remove fat cells. These treatments usually fall under the category of Body Sculpting.

What is Body Sculpting?

Unlike diet and exercise which addresses the entire person, body sculpting “spot treats” areas of concern. Body sculpting usually involves two methods: skin tightening and removing fat cells. Skin tightening is more effective for bulges than cellulite. However, fat cell destruction works equally well on both, fat and cellulite. When combined, these treatments not only destroy the bulges, but smooths and tightens the lax skin as well. 

Many methods are available for body sculpting, but they can be broken down into three categories based on their method of action. Fat cells break either by heating, freezing or shaking the cells. Then, the lymph system removes the fat cells to be processed through the liver and excreted in urine. 

The Ways to Remove Fat Cells

Freezing is a relatively new way to treat the fat and may be uncomfortable. Whatever gets sucked up into the machine, such as veins, nerves, or muscle tissue, freezes as well.  This may sometimes lead to the lingering side effects of discomfort as the body works to repair the frozen tissue. Heat, like freezing, can damage the underlying structures and may be uncomfortable as well. 

Ultrasounds May Be the Best Option

Ultrasounds may be another solution to remove fat cells. Vibrations in ultrasounds break the fat cell. Unlike heat and freezing, the surrounding tissue receives no damage when exposed to ultrasound. Ultrasound treatments are not painful, and many times the treated area feels like a warm massage. If you are concerned about safety, remember ultrasound waves are pointed directly at unborn babies on a regular basis. 

Unlike heat and freezing, ultrasound uses a series of treatments instead of one.  The advantage of this is more sculpted smooth areas without harsh treatment borders. Also, fewer fat cells broken each time decreases the chance of over-saturating the system with wastes of the broken fat cells. When the system is overloaded, the waste being reabsorbed by other fats cells is a risk. In these situations, the bulge or cellulite may disappear and reappear in another area of the body. 

To achieve the best results, skin tightening combined with fat destruction creates a tighter, smoother, curvier sculpted figure. If this treatment interests you, contact us here at Skinfully Smooth (219) 464-9376. 

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