What Message is Your Skin Sending the World?

Taking care of your skin, from summer to winter, is essential to look and feel your best. With sayings like “your face is your business card”, a first impression is important. Plus, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. With a smile, you can even change the mood of a stranger. What power we possess!

With maturity comes “battle scars” of our own past – whether it is smile lines around the mouth from all the wonderful memories we have lived, or crow’s feet from long summer days spent at the beach basking in the sun’s warm rays. When talking about these scars, or sun damage, many people smile, and with pride state “I’ve earned these wrinkles!”  

What if we viewed everything in life from that perspective? Imagine arriving at a friend’s house to find the back end of her car smashed. Immediately, she spies you eyeing the damage, and then, comments, “I earned that dent because I did not see that pole when I was backing out of the parking spot. Get in! I’ll drive!”

Later on, you stop to take your mother for lunch and observe a stain on her sweater. When you point this out to her, she laughs and replies, “I earned that. I put too much grape jelly on my toast this morning.”

As the day progresses, you notice many things that with a little work can be fixed, but everyone seems almost proud of these minor flaws.  

Erasing wrinkles does not cause one’s memories of why they laughed in the first place to fade. Correcting sun damage does not diminish the experiences of the beach vacations you treasure. Doing your best to take care of your skin, even in the summer, simply shows that you are someone who cares as much for yourself as you do your car or your clothing.   

Here at Skinfully Smooth, we help you take care of your skin, not just summer nor by selling procedures but creating a plan to treat your skin right. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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