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The Pursuit of Proactive Health and Wellness

Never before has the importance of health and wellness been on the forefront of the mind of almost everyone in our nation. The impact of this recent pandemic has brought to light many issues that were previously underrated. While hospitals struggled to treat an overwhelming number of Covid-19 cases, the best they could provide was supportive care. While ventilators, CPAP, and BiPAP, provided supplemental oxygen, medical staff could offer no cure. The outcome of this viral invasion was up to the patient’s own body. After this realization, we see that it is not the absence of disease that determines our wellness, but rather, one’s own body’s resilience to heal itself.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Health and Wellness

The human body has an innate ability to heal, repair and maintain itself. One should support this resilience to take a proactive approach and maximize health and wellness. Medical schools usually provide little education on diet, exercise, stress reduction or sleep improvement. Most often these topics are self-sought and self-taught. Medical staff, who are being stretched to their limits on a daily basis, have little free time to pursue this proactive information. Those who do are tapping into the future of medical care: Lifestyle Based Therapy.

What Does “Alternative” Medicine Mean?

In many other countries, “alternative” treatments are regulated by the same rules as medical treatments. Disclaimers in the United States may offer a loophole as one may be encouraged to buy and use a product for a specific ailment only to find a label stating, “not intended to diagnose or treat….”. “Proprietary Blend” may seem like an opportunity for a company to keep the recipe of their treatment a secret, but it also acts as a loophole as one cannot determine the purity of the product or the concentration of the active ingredients.

What Health and Wellness Means to Us + Our Proactive Approach

Here at Sanctuary Wellness + Skincare, we offer Wellness Instruction. We start by defining wellness in broader terms than “the absence of illness”. We focus on lifestyle changes that promote the body’s own healing signals for athletes and non-athletes. Our program is research based, backed by numerous medical researchers and doctors in multiple fields of scientific study. It is not an “everyman for himself” approach currently offered by many independent practitioners. By using this approach, treatments are both individual through protocols and standardization leading to more consistent results. If you are interested in improving your resilience and your body’s own ability to restore health and function, schedule a free consultation online or call us at (219) 464-9376.

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