Join the Path to a Healthier 2021

The new year is coming, and now more than ever people are searching for a way to rid the toxins of 2020 from their systems.  We have faced disease, unemployment, uncertainty, and loss.  The world forever changed this year, we have lost our innocence. Now we must be prepared for what lies ahead; more change.

Perhaps the events of the past year have led you to some self-evaluation.  How can we better prepare ourselves to face the coming year?  What can we do to repair the damage from this past year?

Emotions can change the way our body responds to its environment.  More than that, exposure to toxins such as disease, chemicals and pollutants further promote the destructive effect. While the body is built to repair itself, this mechanism may not be enough in these extreme times. Most likely, it is overwhelmed by all the damage done during this extraordinary period in history.

Now is the time to start the year off right with a total body reset.  More than a detox, this treatment helps to restore microbial biome, addresses nutritional deficiencies, and examines weaknesses in our present diet. This restoration leads to an overall sense of wellness. 

The world of medicine is changing.  More and more healthcare policy makers are searching for treatment facilities to change their focus from sickness and cure, to restore and prevent.  Here, at Sanctuary Spa + Wellness, our focus aligns with these values.  

The health of the gut is crucial to the overall wellness of an individual.  Not only is good gut health essential to nutritional health, but over 70% of your immune system is found in your gut.  Therefore, there is no better time than now to get started on this pathway to better health.

Old indicators of health were measurements like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight.  In reality these do not represent health, but indicators like this are measuring the progression of a disease state.

New measurements of health are muscle mass, core strength, balance, gut health, and microcirculation.  These indicators point to ways our health can be restored, or deterioration can be prevented.  

Sanctuary Skincare + Wellness is ready to address these needs and restore you to your very best self.  We will be having a special virtual seminar on Tuesday, January 5, 2021.  Dinner will be included as well as a sample of one our products, and some specials free treatments to restore health! Check out our website for details or email us info@sanctuaryspavalpo.com

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