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Sanctuary's past life regressionist serves clients in Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana.

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Asking yourself, “Why don’t I get along with one of my siblings?” or “Why am I afraid of (insert fear)?” You could be reliving a past life or incarnation. Past life regression goes through your different pasts to pinpoint the source of what you’ve previously experienced tha could have affected the way you feel now. Then, using the universe’s energy, the past life regressionist will help ou let go of the past, relieve pain, express difficult emotions, release anxiety and fear, and promote physical and mental wellbeing.

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Watch this short video with Sanctuary’s Past Life Regressionist Alex Thien.

Going Through the Past

Bring one question to your session that you want answered. A past life regression session usually takes about two hours, depending on the client’s preference. Laying on a massage table fully clothed, other than your shoes, the past life regressionist will help you enter a calm, relaxing space using music, incense and candles. The past life regressionist will be your guide in diving deeper into your subconscious and traveling to different past lives or incarnations. We ask that you bring a trusted friend to record the session, and will be kept confidential to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

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Certified in regression hypnosis, spiritual development and reiki, Alex Thien is a reiki master and past life regressionist here at Sanctuary Skincare + Wellness Spa. He began practicing reiki healing and past life regressions to help others receive positive energy and look within the inner self.

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When you’re asking “why”, let us help you go deeper into your subconscious and find the answer you’re looking for.

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