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begin the shift from a sickness + cure mentality to a restore + prevent mindset.

Linda Gaddis

Join Linda Gaddis, RN, LE

For a one hour seminar and discussion that will help you learn how you can prevent disease by taking an active role in your body’s restorative processes. You’ll discover how over 70% of your immune system resides in your gut, and how you can improve wellness throughout the body – including vital systems such as the liver, thyroid, brain, skin and even your heart – by taking simple steps to make sure that your gut is healthy and functioning properly.

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 at 6pm

via online meeting

Your $20 Signup Fee Includes:

  • Dinner from a local Valparaiso restaurant, delivered to your door
  • A free product sample
  • Special discounts and more

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