Reiki Healing

Sanctuary's reiki master serves clients throughout Northwest Indiana at our location in Valparaiso.

Exhale the Past. Inhale the Future.

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you stressed? Experiencing pain? Reiki healing taps into the universal life energy to help increase relaxation, alleviate pain, decrease anxiety, and promote physical and mental health. This healing energy therapy can release difficult emotions that are associated with a past relationship, childhood trauma, or any other incidents that hinder mental clarity. Reiki is a holistic approach to realign your body’s chakras and bring balance to your life.

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Watch this short video with Sanctuary’s Reiki Master Alex Thien.

The Reiki Healing Experience

Depending on the client’s preference, a reiki session takes between 30 minutes to an hour. Laying on a massage table fully clothed, other than your shoes, the reiki master will help you enter a calm, relaxing space using music, incense and candles. The reiki master will perform a series of gentle hand placements to channel energy along your body’s seven chakras. All sessions are confidential to ensure you feel safe and comfortable when you experience reiki with us.

reiki healing

Certified in regression hypnosis, spiritual development and reiki, Alex Thien is a reiki master and past life regressionist here at Sanctuary Skincare + Wellness Spa. He began practicing reiki healing and past life regressions to help others receive positive energy and look within the inner self.

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Whether you’re looking to ease anxious thoughts or relieve tension, let us help you move past your blockages and become a better you.

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